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Pakistan Chamber of Commerce

Besides huge community involvement, the board of directors during the 2019-2020 delivered an outstanding work for the community and served as a bridge between Pakistan & The United States to flourish business opportunities at multiple level. The most beneficial efforts were ever made during the least favorable time of COVID-19 when businesses suffered historically.

Company Features

A tradition of excellence

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Leading the way in building and Architecture

Mission Statement

Strengthen business relations between Pakistan and The United States of America via Trade & Commerce in addition to promoting industrial opportunities for economic welfare of both countries.


The affairs of the Chamber are administered by an Executive Board of Directors (EBD). The EBD consists of elected Officers of PCC-USA as well as the Chairpersons of the standing committees. PCC-USA elections are held every two year. The Advisory Council and the Council of Past Presidents help the EBD in advisory capacities and thus provide a systematic way for new members and leadership to draw upon the experience and wisdom of previous leaders.

Board Of Directors (2019-2020)

Jave Iqbal

Director Of PCC-USA (2019-2020)

Dr. Mubashir Chaudhry

President PCC-USA (2019-2020)

Zaki Mirza

Treasurer PCC-USA (2019-2020)

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