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Asif Ehsan,  President

1. Local Business Community Services – SMEs Development:

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have a significant role in US economy. SMEs generate job opportunities, growth in local economy, and mobilize resources. PCC-USA, being the focal body to facilities providing services for the local business community, plans to arrange a series of monthly seminars and training programs to benefit the micro and SME entrepreneurs. Such seminars and presentations will provide opportunities for community entrepreneurs to brush up their business knowledge, skills and abilities and allow them to play an important role in US socioeconomic development.

2. Business Linkages & Partnerships:

Strategic industry and business linkages have been a partnership strategy of PCC-USA for many years. This approach has enhanced the business lobbying and networking opportunities for US based Pakistani corporate leaders to effectively synergize resources with important local, regional, national and international partners. Focus of this year is to establish further linkages with important national and international partners to promote industry and business strategic alliance to strengthen US and Pakistani community around the globe.

Objectives of the international partnership will be to strengthen the relationship with important stakeholders and key policy makers and effectively play important role in strategic alliances, trade facilitation, cooperation in common areas of interests, investments promotion, and information dissemination.

At the local level, PCC-USA will get involved with other business chambers /entities to maximize networking and business partnership to benefit local business community. Focus will be to synergies the local and regional resources for SMEs promotion, business lobbying, joint-collaborative events of common interests, awareness and training of local business community, trade and enterprise facilitation and information dissemination.

Strategic linkages with local and international associations are the part of long-term planning to facilitate business dealings for local community as well as business communities overseas and especially business community in Pakistan. It is planned that PCC-USA will work with the following important industry and trade organizations:

o Mayor’s International Trade Development Council
o Houston Business Development Inc
o Port of Houston Authority
o Houston Minority Business Council
o Local cooperates in IT, Retail & Oil & Gas

Several organizations in the Houston area offer opportunities that can be availed by PCC-USA members to build their respective businesses

3. Promotion of US-Pak Trade – Policy Advocacy & Strategic Partnership:

USA is the main strategic and business partner of Pakistan for many years. Both countries enjoy strong relationship in many areas of economic cooperation, industrial development, education and research. PCC-USA will continue to play a vital role for strengthening and enhancing this relationship.

Some areas of PCC-USA activities in this regard will be:

a) Facilitation of Visiting Trade Delegations from Pakistan:

PCC-USA is already in partnership with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). Additionally, other MoUs have been signed with many important chambers like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and others.

PCC-USA will facilitate the trade delegations coming from Pakistan so as to maximize their interaction with US industries, chambers, trade/investment associations, and public sector organizations. Chamber will arrange B2B meetings necessary for trade development. Plan is to have regular and effective communication with all organizations in Pakistan to develop joint business-led strategy for economic and trade development.

b) Trade & Business Policy Working Papers:

PCC-USA plans to prepare 5 white papers on different areas of current business and trade cooperation between US and Pakistan. These papers will be developed with the help of Pakistani Chambers of Commerce & governmental institutions. A special committee will be established and will be charged to provide intellectual and knowledge based input on bilateral business and trade promotion between the two countries. These policy papers will be circulated among the politicians, policy makers and other stakeholders for lobbying and information dissemination purposes.

c) Information about US Markets:

PCC-USA in cooperation with local and regional US bodies will disseminate information related to US to Pakistani business community on regular basis through its website.

5. Internal Communication and Organizational Development:

It is important to strengthen the PCC-USA through increasing its membership. Chamber has a rich history of catering to local business community needs. However, it is important to enhance its membership as most businesses still need to join hand with PCC-USA.

We plan to create and develop a Public Relations team to increase public awareness of what PCC-USA is all about and what it can offer to help businesses within our community. This team will follow a comprehensive plan that is focused over a wide geographic range within Greater Houston are and will be based on having effective relationship with existing, new, and future members.

We also seek to use the social networks like Facebook and Twitter to not only increase the visibility of PCC-USA but also plan on providing strategic help to out member businesses in the effective use of such communication tools.

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